Hey I'm Mia, from London and I'm 14

45057) I like to look at the clock and see that time has gone by. Another hour without eating, and I feel like I’m winning.

2 years ago

45063) I just want to look as sick as I feel.

2 years ago


Look Up, art by Robert Fawcett


my sister isn’t talking 2 me bc earlier she was doing her homework and she was like ‘god i need somewhere flat to write’ and i said ‘how about your chest’ 

2 years ago


so beautiful.

Vibrantly coloured butterfly specimens look set to fly away from this heritage-listed Sydney terrace.
From ‘Walls that Talk’, a story on page 212 of Vogue Living July/Aug 2012.
Photograph by Jason Busch.

▼100% tropical▼